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Know About Us

First of all, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trying to know "About Us",
since this page is an exception to our page family, it  doesn't get much attention (*teary eyes)

Who are We?

Obviously, your Favorite Closet
We're preTee Serious !!

We create insanely amazing designs on equally amazing products ranging from t-shirts, notebooks, coasters and many more.
We are the best in what we do and you should trust us because
"That's what She said" *wink*
We are here to have fun curating your preferred and most trending designs and we are glad you are here with us.

Founder image

From you and me to "Us"

We treat our customers like actual human beings (because we buy too) and thrive to provide optimum satisfaction.
Our prices poke fingers to big box luxury retail stores and deliver your package of happiness, right at your door as soon as possible.

Here is an actual representation of your happiness with respect to your Mojos visit. The more you come to our store, the more you buy, the happier you get.
This is a proven fact, by our fashion and trending style experts at Mojos research center. *high-five*

Our Story

It all began with a thought of creating a perfect Lockdown Story (sounds too ideal right) and somehow it all got aligned with nature on the way (*authenticity alert)

As the nature prospered during the pandemic, the sky became clearer and the vision to serve people with creativity and innovation did and Mojos Closet was born (*drum rolls & lion king sound track playing")

Mojos Closet tries to bring out the carefree and crazy in everyone. It extracts its name from our childhood character Mojo Jojo, which somehow connects with all of us in its own unique way (nostalgic much?)

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Our Core Values

- Above all, have fun
- Thrive to make others happy
- Make an impact through creativity and innovation
- Always stand out, simply because normal is so boring 

Premium Quality

Quality that you would LOVE to wear

Free Shipping

Free Shipping PAN India

Easy Tracking

To Keep an eye till it reaches you

Made in India

Home Grown brand 

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